10 Gamedev YouTube channels You Must Watch

A little collection of my favourite game development YouTube channels.

A sea is full of fish, big ones, red ones, striped ones, and even dead ones. So is YouTube full of gamedev channels, some uploading long thorough videos, others analysing game after game. After a deep scuba dive into a sea of MP4's, here are 10 gamedev YouTube channels that I find most educational to watch, in no particular order.

Note: This is my opinion, so you might disagree, and if you do, don't be afraid to send a little e-mail to tinynerd001@gmail.com.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown is a very smart Dumbo Octopus. The only thing that is different from him and other Dumbo Octopuses is that he looks around him with his sharp octopus eyes and analyses every bit of work done by cosmic figures like the Nintendo and the Capcom. He has a special connection with the octopus king himself: The Kraken, which provides him with tons of useful information.

Mark Brown uploads everything that has to do with game design. He talks about how Overcooked forces communication and collaboration, he gives advice on how to keep your players engaged and much more.

Personally, Mark Brown is my favourite gamedev YouTube channel, just for his quality over quantity and the sheer number of information packed into each video.

Difficulty level: Beginner-Expert
Average length of video: 10-11 minutes
Focus: Design

Enter Mark's cove of videos

Sebastian Lague

A few centuries ago, a spiritual entity, named Sebastian Lague, was tasked by the Unity gods to optimise and generate their undersea landscape. So he did that.

Sebastian Lague uploads programming videos about all sorts of things, from simulating an ecosystem, to neural networks. He really goes in depth on how everything works, so that you will actually understand how your own script works and interacts, instead of just showing the code, as that is what most programming YouTube channels tend to do.

Difficulty level: Intermediate-Expert
Average length of video: 10-14 minutes
Focus: Programming

Step on Sebastian's realm


Sykoo is the calcium carbonate that holds coral together to form a beautiful coral reef. While maybe not the biggest thing in the sea, it has one of the biggest impacts. It's like a bomb, it is… okay, well you get it. (I hope)

Sykoo uploads mainly environment design videos, covering topics like how to create realistic lighting, and even how he creates those beautiful environments from scratch. Sykoo is also an online Evangelist for Unity and founded one of the industry's biggest game development community: Polyrealm.

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Average length of video: 13-16 minutes
Focus: 3D environments + Unity tools and assets

Visit Sykoo's 3D world


Brackeys is the Finding Nemo Stingray. He carries beginners to wonderful places in the game development world, from beautiful coral reefs made by Sykoo, to sand crafted by the very brushes of a legendary craftsman who lives underground.

Brackeys uploads basic tutorials that cover pretty much everything. He shows you basic music theory, some simple C# programming and showcases all sorts of Unity tools and assets. He also uploads videos on Unity updates, which go pretty deep on what these new things actually are.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Average length of video: 12-14 minutes
Focus: Everything

Enter Brackey's den of stingrays

Snoman Gaming

Snoman Gaming is the Great White Shark of the sea. He can smell one drop of bad game design in 100 litres of sort-of-ok game design, and eats good game design for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wonder how heavenly that stomach must be…. anyways...

He uploads video game analysis, talking about why a certain game is good, or why it is bad. He talks about all sorts of games, from wider AAA titles like Metroid, to smaller indie game titles like Spelunky.

Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate
Average length of video: 9-11 minutes
Focus: Design

Visit Snoman's icy waters


GDC is the salty water of the huge open sea. It changes as the climate and vegetation change. It turns red when there is blood, it freezes when Sebastian Lague's landscape tells it to freeze. It is shaped by all the forces of nature, from the Unity gods to the calcium carbonate.

GDC is one of best channels out there if you want to learn more in depth about game development in general. They upload videos featuring conference talks by world-leading developers, from all sorts of game companies in all sorts of niches, from marketing and designing, to even music and art. It is a great channel because of the sheer amount of content and information.

I (70%) assure you: If you watch one of their videos every single day, in a year or two, you will be creating world-class games.

Difficulty level: Intermediate-Expert
Average length of video: 45-50 minutes
Focus: Everything

Swim in GDC's salt-rich H2O


BlackThornProd is a pillar coral. Building gigantic towers upon enormous towers, that look over all other coral in the wild coral reef held together by Sykoo, the calcium carbonate. BlackThornProd looks over the coral reef and sees a monochrome landscape and misformed corals. He bends down to Sykoo, and tells him to add this, or that. And together, they create a stunning coral reef, banging with detailed patterns and popping colours.

BlackThornProd makes videos mainly on art, showing his audience how to use Photoshop and how to animate 2D sprites. However, recently, he is starting to cover more parts of the game development world, from how to code a dash move, to enlightening the idea of game feel. BlackThornProd is a great channel, all thanks to how fun it is to watch his videos.

Difficulty level: Beginner
Average length of video: 8-9 minutes
Focus: Everything (Little extra focus on art)

Enter the tall towers of BlackThornProd

Extra Credits

Extra Credits is a leatherback turtle. He travels long distances, passing by all sorts of things, taking a glance at the things he passes by. He never stays in one place for more than a day. He likes to travel and explore the world created by the Unity gods above.

Extra Credits uploads videos talking mainly about design. He specialises in giving short, inspiring peeks into a certain part of design. Most of his videos are on the short side and cover the basics of a certain design principle, so perfect for finding certain techniques you must learn about.

Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate
Average length of video: 7-9 minutes
Focus: Design

Step on the hardback of Extra Credits

Gamedev Underground

Gamedev Underground works as a craftsman alongside the Unity gods, creating sand for the bottom of the sea. He creates sand with great detail, embedding patterns and bumps into the smooth surface of sand crystals. Most people might not know of this legendary craftsman, but the ones who do know, will never forget him.

Gamedev Underground makes videos on pretty much every subject that has to do with game development. He usually talks more about gamedev as a whole, rather than the separate parts of gamedev. An example is a video of him answering the question: “Should you quit your job to go full time indie?” He has a lot of knowledge and experience on the subject that he is thriving to share with you, so that you can easily build a foundation for your gamedev future.

Difficulty level: Beginner-Intermediate
Average length of video: 5-6 minutes (varies a lot from 2 seconds to 1 hour)
Focus: Game development as a whole

Visit Gamedev Underground's workshop

Thomas Brush

Thomas Brush is a wise old salmon that has struggled up many waterfalls and dodged many hairy paws of enormous bears. Waterfall Olympus, the tallest and most mysterious waterfall the world has ever seen has never been climbed up before by any fish or coral in the sea. Thomas Brush however, is the only one to have ever reach the top. He roams all over the sea, talking about his 1 month struggle up the top of Waterfall Olympus, and he wants you to climb that waterfall too one day.

Thomas Brush features all sorts of videos on his channel, from how to make a great main menu, to more general things like how to run an indie studio. He goes pretty in depth on his videos, in a relatively short amount of time, which makes him the perfect 5 minute break YouTube channel.

Difficulty level: Beginner-Expert
Average length of video: 22-24 minutes
Focus: Everything

Listen to Thomas Brush's wisdom


There are many fish in the sea, big ones, striped ones, even hairy ones! These YouTube channels are there to show the way for these fish, so that they may one day scale up Waterfall Olympus themselves.